Drug abuse and addiction are among the major problems of our society. Numerous incidents have been reported in television and social media about dealers who are caught in the acts.

Being one among those active partners of the Government’s Campaign towards reducing numerous drug-related cases, the Municipality of Buenavista was declared as a “Drug-Free Municipality” on January 26, 2017, 8:00 in the morning at the Buenavista Municipal Ground by Levi Ortiz, Deputy Regional Director, PDEA RO6, PSSUPT Louis P Garong, Provincial Director, Guimaras Police Provincial Office and PCINSP Raymond I. Cruz, Chief of Police, Buenavista Police Station.

The launching ceremony was facilitated by the Guimaras Police Provincial Office and Buenavista Police Station in partnership with the Local Government Unit of Buenavista Municipal Officials headed by the ever dynamic Municipal Mayor, Hon. Eugenio G. Reyes, and Punong Barangays.

Surrenderees attended the said event and Hon. Governor Samuel T. Gumarin, MD, MPH said that there are plans for their rehabilitation to bring them back again into the mainstream of the society living a normal life and hoping soon they will also become advocates for Anti-Drug Campaign.

Hon. Reyes also expressed his commitment to support, implement and sustain the programs upon controlling and minimizing these drug-related cases in the Municipality.

In doing so, everybody’s effort to earn a living will not be wasted and such life won’t be messed. We also need everybody’s cooperation to make this campaign effective, he added.

Levi Ortiz, Deputy Regional Director in his messages expressed his appreciation that the whole Province has been declared a “Drug-Free” Place. He also commended the active participation of everybody in helping to achieve this success especially the Provincial Police Director, the Provincial and Municipal Officials. To the surrenderees, he wished for them to be aware of their lives and make it a better that he will always be there to support them to stand again and for us to continue maintaining a Drug-Free Province.

PSSUPT Garong also expressed his intention towards a Drug-Free Community and the surrenderees will be soon our community partners in pursuing the Anti-Drug Campaign Advocacy to help lessen drug-related cases in the country.

Buenavista is one among the five (5) municipalities in the Province being declared drug-free so we are hoping this would bring a significant transformation towards everyone’s life especially to the victims.


Levi Ortiz, Deputy Regional Director, PDEA RO6 declared Buenavista as a “Drug-Free Municipality


Hon. Gregorio P. Gabales, Jr, SB Member, Comm. Peace and Order giving his word of welcome


Surrenderees attending the declaration of Buenavista as “Drug-Free Municipality”