The Municipality of Buenavista in partnership with the Non-Government Organization and other stakeholders will celebrate the BUENA PASKWA Year 7, a Christmas activity showcasing different Christmas presentations and lighting a Tree to be participated by groups/institutions,CSO’s and schools operating in this municipality with the theme: “Paskwa sa Buenavista, Kasanag kag Kasadya”.

These activities aim to strengthen the public-private partnership to preserve and promote our culture, values and natural endowments improving the quality of life in the community through team efforts of all stakeholders.

The Municipality of Buenavista remains as “beautiful town” supported by tourism programs where development perspective is anchored on the principles of sustainability and proactive participants of tourism oriented Buenavistahanons.

To sustain the Christmas nightly shows, it is necessary that each offices of this LGU will take charge one night activity to help assist partner agency or group of participants during scheduled program/show.


Schedule of Nightly Show Christmas Presentations

GUIMARAS STATE COLLEGE (GSC) Dr. Rogelio T. Artajo, College President Hon. Eugenio G. Reyes
17(SATURDAY) Buenavista Water District Engr. Dionie Gabayoyo-Gen. Manager Hon. Paul Esmaya
Barangay New Poblacion Mr. Freddie Dominguez-Brgy. Capt. New Pob.
18(SUNDAY) Fed. of Senior Citizens Ms. Lagrimas Estaniel-President Hon. Generoso Habaña
Fed. Accredited Youth Org. of Buenavista. (FAYOB) Paul Narciso-Pres.
United Scholars of Buenavista (USB) Ranny Hermosillas-Pres.
Pag-Asa Youth Asso. of the Phil. (PYAP) Mara Pabroada-Pres.
19(MONDAY) DISTRICT I w/SECONDARY SCHOOLS (BUENAVISTA I/BCS) Mrs. Lolita Demapindan-PSDS-Bta. I Hon. Cheryl Fernandez & Hon. Aster Brian Hiponia
Mrs. Love Grace Velasco-Principal
20(TUESDAY) DISTRICT  II w/ SECONDARY SCHOOLS (BUENAVISTA II) Mrs. Leydee Sideño, Ph.D.-PSDS-Bta. II Hon. Edgar Gallo & Hon. Raquel Sambas
21(WEDNESDAY) Iglesia Filipina Independiente of Old Poblacion Rev. Fr. Andy Mark Loma-Parish Priest Hon. Perfecto Habaña &
Parish of the Holy Child Hon. Arthur Cartel
22(THURSDAY) BPRISA Hon. Gregorio Gabales, Jr.
Sto. Niño Catholic School Sis. Rizalyn Solitario-Principal
Most Holy Name of Jesus Msgr. Mario Cesar Enarsao-Parish Priest
Grace Baptist Academy(GBA) Ms. Solee Ferrer-Principal
Buenavista Seventh Day Adventist Elem. School (BSDAES) Mrs. Mary Jane Lotilla-Principal
Good Shepherd Fold Academy (GSFA) Mrs. Herminia Reyes-Principal
23(FRIDAY) Calvary Baptist Church (CANTATA) Pastor Noel Golez Hon. Cecile C. Gumarin, MD
Venue: Municipal Auditorium
Time Start: 6:00-9:00 in the evening