Election is the people’s right to vote and to choose a person who will serve as a good leader of the community. Each time they choose the right person for the position, it should be publicly declared. Once a public official is proclaimed, basically, an inaugural session should occur. This is the moment where old and new politicians will be installed. Mainly, its purpose is to let the people know the projects to be implemented, resolutions to be passed and somehow hear their proposed propagandas.

After they had have signed their oath of office on June 30, 2016, at the Sangguniang Bayan Session Hall around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the very first inaugural session of the newly elected municipal officials for the year 2016-2019 of the Municipality of Buenavista was held.

Representatives from different public and private sectors and stakeholders, employees and the public came and skip for a while from their respective daily routine in order to witness the affair.

The program commenced with the introduction of newly elected and re-elected Municipal Officials and awarding of Certificate of Recognition of Service rendered as Legislators to former SB Members Felimon P. Guyapa, Jr and Ronnie L. Ferrer at the second floor of the Municipal Hall.

They then proceeded to the session hall to start for a formal session. Our very ownprovincial first lady andthe lady vice-mayor, Honorable Cecile C. Gumarin, MD, presides the session. It is her second term as Municipal Vice Mayor. During her administration, the Sanguniang Bayan Office had passed resolutions and ordinances in aid for general welfare of the Buenavista populace.

The session was started with a prayer. They also took pledge of Allegiance and Councilor’s Creedfollowed by a roll call. After which, each was given opportunity to give a message. A second termerMunicipal Mayor, started off delivering a message.

In his speech he first congratulated the new and re-elected members of the Honorable Council. He then quoted the provision in our Constitution-Article XI, Section 1 which states that “Public Office is a public trust. Public Officers and employees must, at all times, be accountable to the people,serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty and efficiency, act with patriotism and justice and lead modest lives”. He emphasized that public officials in all the ladders of our government should always remember that they are merely entrusted by the people to perform the duties and responsibilities of their offices for a fixed period of time. According to him, it is their responsibility to serve the people thus, they were tasked to developed programs leading to the people’s and the community’s holistic development as to (a) efficient delivery of services to distress and qualified beneficiaries, whether children, youth, adult or senior citizen, as intervention and immediate response during crisis situation, (b) Implementation of projects and programs leading to higher production of our locals as well as attracting investors to expand here therefore creating job for residents, (c) Conservation and preservation of natural and man-made resources to be enjoyed not only by the present generation, but also for the generations to come. As such, he then presented his plans and asked everyone’s support to his commitment in serving and upholding Buenavista. He alsochallenged his fellow officials to realize those plans and make Buenavista a better place to work, to do business and to live and emphasizes that success of plans and programs depend upon the effort of the community as a whole.

The next person on the floor was Vice Mayor Gumarin, who expressed her gratitude for the support of everyone during the last election. She conveyed that without doubt, the legislators will support the development of Buenavista through ordinances that will aim to respond to the needs of the people and she also encouraged stakeholders to bring their concerns to the Sangguniang Bayan so that it will be tackled and given action by respective committees. Hon. Gumarin further emphasized that, for a more effective and progressive Local Government Unit, there must be a harmonious relationship between all its members.

The newly elected and re-elected SB members were also called and took the opportunity to deliver speeches of thanks.

Hon. Raquel A. Sambas commit to give and will continue to give her best sahayag, tampad,sinsero kag alalangay nga pagpangalagad sa bug-os nga pumuluyo kag dumuluong sang banwa sang Buenavista because she hopes to see Buenavista at its BEST in the future. She also gratefully thanked everyone who had supported and trusted her as public servant and encouraged everyone to desire to become great, to be the first and to become a servant to all.
Hon. Cheryl F. Fernandez after thanking everyone from the support and trust given to her during the last election emphasized her advocacy to author and support new legislations that upholds the common good of the people.
Hon. Edgar G. Gallo as a first time in his office as SB Member expresses his heartwarming thanks to the people for the trust bestowed on him which enables him to embrace the true meaning of public service. He looks forward for a continuous support to move forward and utilized new opportunities especially upon empowering the youth because he definitely believes that the youths are the hope of our fatherland.

Hon. Arthur A. Cartel, Jr. also expressed his gratitude to the people upon giving him the chance again to be a member of the Sangguniang Bayan thus encouraged his fellow members to move forward and face the challenge of the future and to transform the Buenavista’s vision into reality, improve the well-being of the people, and a constituents that is beneficial to all; to work together as one in the service to the people and not to fail them in an hour of need.
Hon. Generoso Habaňa being delighted for a chance to be in the position again expresses his deep sense of responsibility and commitment to the people of Buenavista-to serve, to be the determined voice of the people, and to carry the standard of leadership demanded not just by the constituents but by the times. He said that “We a new beginning in public service as leaders, as lawmakers, as responsible citizens, we must rise to the challenges of a society rich in diverse demands. We shall respond to these in consonance with the welfare and prosperity of everybody. We know this won’t be easy; it will require all of us to work together to get these things accomplished. It’s about working together to transform our hopes and aspirations into actions so that we could create a community of opportunity once again-for all of our people.”

Hon. Perfecto T. Habaňa, Jr. also commits to work as public servant and calls everyone to work together for the betterment of Buenavista because he strongly believes that our government must be a government for the least, the last and the lowest.

Hon. Paul C. Esmaya heartily and deeply expressed his appreciation to all who had supported him all throughout. He committed to continue the tasks he needs to do as entrusted by the lord and as mandated by his position because he strongly believes that it is POSSIBLE to make a DIFFERENCE! “A lasting legacy doesn’t come through having money or position in the society. It doesn’t come from talent or opportunity. It comes from taking daily steps to tap into God’s love and power. It comes from allowing His love to flow through us so that our lives impact the lives of other people. The people who leave lasting legacies are not the ones with the credentials but the ones with the concern.
Hon. Gregorio P. Gabales after expressing his gratitude towards being designated in the position once more said” My kasimanwas, let us not forget that our success does not depend on anyone besides ourselves. But if we stand by each other, we create a stronger workforce that will surely navigate us towards positive growth”. He also assured to continue to work side by side in order to carry on the improvement and advancement that Buenavistahanon deserves.

Hon. Aster Brian G. Hiponia as ABC President and at the same time as ex-officio member, though will have a short-lived term in the position promised to do his best to maximize the time in performing the duties and responsibilities required by the office. He said that he will strive to find more ways to make a difference and bring some substance to the position entrusted to him and he was looking forward to work hand in hand with his colleagues to deliver an impressive performance like he did to his barangay-Brgy. Avila.

After they had given their messages, the presiding officer, Hon. Gumarin asked from the body to bring down their concerns for undertakings.

Hon. Generoso Habaňa, re-elected SB Member motioned to move the regular session scheduled every Wednesday on Thursday and was unanimously approved by the body.

Hon. Gumarin then again asked for more concerns but having no more matter brought for discussion the session was adjourned.

Newly Elected Municipal Officials C.Y. 2016-2019

HON. EUGENIO G. REYES Municipal Mayor
HON. CECILE C. GUMARIN, MD Municipal Vice Mayor
HON. RAQUEL A. SAMBAS Sangguniang Bayan Member
HON. CHERYL F. FERNANDEZ  Sangguniang Bayan Member
HON. EDGAR G. GALLO Sangguniang Bayan Member
HON. ARTHUR CARTEL, JR.  Sangguniang Bayan Member
HON. GENEROSO HABAŇA Sangguniang Bayan Member
HON. PERFECTO T. HABAŇA, JR. Sangguniang Bayan Member
HON. PAUL C. ESMAYA Sangguniang Bayan Member
HON. GREGORIO P. GABALES, JR. Sangguniang Bayan Member
HON. ASTER BRIAN G. HIPONIA Sangguniang Bayan Member