A one-week TUBERCULOUSIS PREVALENT SURVEY was conducted at Brgy. Rizal, Buenavista, Guimaras by the National Tuberculosis Prevalent Survey Team Visayas on June 20-25, 2016.

The survey will determined how effective was the campaign for Anti-Tuberculosis of the Government and how efficient the services it renders to the community; whether such program for Anti- Tuberculosis was been effective in regards of giving free services & medications to victims or not; whether the program had lowered the case rate in comparison to previous years or not; determine places as to which there was many cases and others.

Brgy. Rizal was randomly chosen for the survey to be conducted in coordination with the LGU-Buenvaista preferably the Municipal Health Office.

After the survey test to every clients, a free Vitamin B Complex was given for free to them sponsored by the Department of Health as well as they were able to avail free X-ray and Sputum test with immediate result for their reference regarding their health status.