Political Information
Legal Basis of Creation:
Date of Ratification / Plebiscite:
No. of Registered Voters: 753
No. of Precincts:
Physical Information
Land Area (in heactares) 261,085 has.
Barangay Category Urban
Land Classification Coastal
Major Economic Agricultural, Fishing
Fiscal Information
A. External Sources
Internal Revenue Allotment  Php 1,452,264.00
B. Local Sources
RPT Share Php 10,000.00
Fees & Charges Php 16,000.00
Total Income Php 1,478,264.00
Demographic Information
Total Population 1,236
No. of Female 583
No. of Male 653
No. of Families 344
No. of Households 283
No. of Labor Force
No. of Unemployed
Source RBI
Year captured
Basic Utilities / Services
Largest Power Supply Distributor Electric Cooperative
Major Water Supply Level of Households Water supplied by public water faucets, Water supplied through water faucets in individual households
No. of Households with access to potable water supply 283
Existing Means of Transportation Jeep, Tricycle, Motorcycle, Banca
Existing Means of Communication  Mobile phone
Awards / Recognition received by the barangay or barangay officials
National Level
Regional Level
Local Level Good Governance



During the past, the place was formerly known as “Salag” or the native called it as “Salag Daku”. It had a wider area when compared to “Salag Gamay”. It was a coastal area where there were abundant fishes and various marine products around the sea. One kind of fishes were called “Silag”. Residents of Salag Daku and its neighboring barangays usually went to shore for fishing Silag for their daily consumption and for sale. With the abundance of Silag fishes in the said place, it became an additional source of income of the residents. Hence, they named their place as “Salag”.

During the dawn of the 20th Century, there was a well-known family because of their generosity in the area. The father of the said family gave concerns to the residents especially to those who were oppressed. By that sense, people called him “Kapitan Ditoy”– an address given to a person who is well-loved and very much respected. Kapitan Ditoy made life of the residents in Salag Daku bearable, because he is always extending help to everybody. People even recalled his heroic deeds especially during the Japanese War. They also suggested to make a statue to honor their so called heroKapitan Ditoy or Canuto Zaldivar as his real name. Since then, the residents decided to change the name of their barangay from Salag Daku to Zaldivar, in honor of their local hero- Canuto Zaldivar.