Political Information
Legal Basis of Creation:
Date of Ratification / Plebiscite:
No. of Registered Voters: 739
No. of Precincts:
Physical Information
Land Area (in heactares) 146.08996 has.
Barangay Category Urban
Land Classification Upland, Lowland
Major Economic Agricultural, Industrial
Fiscal Information
A. External Sources
Internal Revenue Allotment  Php 1,441,112.00
B. Local Sources
RPT Share Php 12,000.00
Fees & Charges Php 6,000.00
Others Php 1,000.00
Total Income Php 1,460,112.00
Demographic Information
Total Population 1,284
No. of Female 634
No. of Male 650
No. of Families 365
No. of Households 287
No. of Labor Force
No. of Unemployed
Source RBI
Year captured
Basic Utilities / Services
Largest Power Supply Distributor Electric Cooperative
Major Water Supply Level of Households Water supplied by wells/spring in the brgy., Water supplied by public water faucets, Water supplied through water faucets in individual households
No. of Households with access to potable water supply
Existing Means of Transportation Jeep, Private Vehicle, Tricycle, Motorcycle, Horse/Carabao
Existing Means of Communication  Mobile phone
Awards / Recognition received by the barangay or barangay officials
National Level
Regional Level
Local Level



Basically, Barangay Old Poblacion was popularly known as Banwa, the place where the first seat of government of the Province of Guimaras (“Himal-us”) in the Town of Buenavista (“Tilad”), is situated. It is located atop the hill which overlook the entire view of the surrounding including the historic landmark called McArthur’s Wharf, where American Military Lieutenant General Douglas McArthur landed when he was assigned in Guimaras. In 1908, the Island of Himal-us conducted the First Election of its Municipal Leaders until later the World War II broke out.

Unfortunately, because of war (World War II), there were major damage that occurred. Presently, however, evidences such as the relics of the Old Municipal Hall, Catholic Church and the Old Cemetery still remain.