Municipal Ordinance No. Title Author/Sponsor Date Approved
 1987-37  An Ordinance Amending Municipal Ordinance No. 005, Series Of 1971 Imposing Inspection Fees On Large Cattle Going Outside, this Municipality in the Existing Ordinance to Minimize if not Totally Eradicated the Stealing of Large Cattle.  Hon. Melchor Bonilla 7/1/1987
 1987-38  An Ordinance Regulating the Transport of Livestock from the Municipality of Buenavista to Iloilo City Via Pumpboats Together with Passenger. Hon. Melchor Bonilla  7/15/1987
 1987-39  An Ordinance Imposing Fees for Licensing and Sealing  of Weight and Measures. Hon. Arturo Fernandez 10/7/1987
 1987-40  An Ordinance Increasing the License Fees on Fishpond Operators, this Municipality from P11.50 Per Hectare Per Annum to P50.00 Per Hectare  Per Annum.  Hon. Melchor Bonilla  11/14/1987
 1987-41  Resolution Approving Municipal Ordinance Providing for Service Fee on All Transactions with the Municipality of Buenavista.  Hon. Melchor Bonilla  11/14/1987
 1987-42  An Ordinance Prohibiting the Selling of Any Goods or Commodities Outside the Premises of Two (2) Public  Markets, this Municipality. Hon. Melchor Bonilla  11/4/1987
 1987-43  An Ordinance Amending Municipal Ordinance No. 027, Series of 1987, Regulating the Market Stalls at New Poblacion and Sto. Rosario Public Markets at the Municipality of Buenavista, Sub-Province of Guimaras, Iloilo.  Hon. Melchor Bonilla  11/18/1987
 1988-44  Resolution Approving Municipal Ordinance Regulating the Time Schedule for Loading & Unloading of Lime from this Municipality to Iloilo or Any Part of Destination Using the Municipal Wharf of this Municipality. Hon. Arturo Fernandez 2/17/1988
 1988-45  An Ordinance  Amending a Portion  of Municipal Ordinance No. 025, Series of 1980, Regulating Fishing and/or Fisheries in the Municipality of Buenavista, Sub-Province of Guimaras, and Other Purposes.  Hon. Pablito Esmaya  1/15/1988
1988-46  An Ordinance Regulating the Operation of Trisikad in the Municipality of Buenavista, Sub-Province of Guimaras, Iloilo. Hon. Pepito Gananan  1/15/1988
 1988-47  An Ordinance Requiring Food Handlers Operating in this Municipality to Secure Health Certificate from the Department of Health Upon Payment of Sanitary Permit Fee. Hon. Pablito Esmaya 7/20/1988
 1988-47-A  An Ordinance Extending the Implementation of Municipal Ordinance No. 045, Series of 1988 Up to the Year 1989 and  Amending Certain Provisions  of the Aforesaid Ordinance.  Hon. Pablito Esmaya  7/20/1988
 1989-48  An Ordinance Increasing the Amount of Fees on  Application and Certificate on Zoning. Hon. Pablito Esmaya 3/1/1989
 1989-49  An Ordinance Supplementing Ordinance No. 002, Series of 1974 in the Collection of Taxes and for other Purposes. Hon. Pablito Esmaya 3/3/1989
 1989-50  An Ordinance Requiring Any Person to Pay the Lease Rental or Share from the Proceed of Mangoes Owned by the Municipal Government of Buenavista, Sub-Province of Guimaras, Iloilo. Hon. Pablito Esmaya  9/6/1989
 1989-51  An Ordinance Imposing Fines, Penalties and Surcharges in Addition to Fines and Imprisonment in Cases of Violation of Municipal Ordinance in the Use of Municipal Wharves and other Purposes.  Hon. Arturo Fernandez 9/20/1989
 1989-52  An Ordinance Converting Portion of Land Area of Barangays Mclain and Supang, Buenavista, Sub-Province of Guimaras, from Agricultural to Residential, Commercial and/or Industrial. Hon. Ernesto Natividad  9/28/1989
1990-53  Resolution Amending Municipal Ordinance  No. 052, Series of 1989, Approving the Use of Land Proposed by the Applicant for Residential, Commercial and/or Industrial.  Hon. Pablito Esmaya 4/4/1990
 1990-54A  An Ordinance Amending Municipal Ordinance No. 052, Series of  1989 and Amendment of Municipal Ordinance  No. 053, Series of 1990 Approving  the Use of Land Industrial, Commercial and/or Agricultural Uses.  Hon. Pablito Esmaya  6/1/1990
 1990-55  A Protective Ordinance Imposing Penalty on Unscrupulous  Solicitors in Barangay Fiestas or Any Illegal Fund Raising Activity. Hon. Ernesto Natividad 9/14/1990
1990-56  An Ordinance Amending Municipal Fishing Ordinance No. 034 in the Municipality of Buenavista, Sub-Province of Guimaras.  Hon. Ernesto Natividad 10/14/1990

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