Political Information
Legal Basis of Creation:
Date of Ratification / Plebiscite:
No. of Registered Voters: 494
No. of Precincts:
Physical Information
Land Area (in hectares) 315.813 has.
Barangay Category Urban
Land Classification Upland, Coastal
Major Economic Agricultural, Fishing
Fiscal Information
A. External Sources
Internal Revenue Allotment Php 1,209,030.00
B. Local Sources
RPT Share Php 12,000.00
Fees & Charges Php 7,000.00
Others Php 2,000.00
Total Income Php 1,230,030.00
Demographic Information
Total Population 965
No. of Female 482
No. of Male 483
No. of Families 250
No. of Households 204
No. of Labor Force
No. of Unemployed
Source RBI
Year captured
Basic Utilities / Services
Largest Power Supply Distributor Electric Cooperative
Major Water Supply Level of Households
No. of Households with access to potable water supply 204
Existing Means of Transportation Jeep, Tricycle, Motorcycle, Banca
Existing Means of Communication  Mobile phone
Awards / Recognition received by the barangay or barangay officials
National Level
Regional Level
Local Level BCPC and Good Governance



During the past, the place was commonly called “Punong” or fish pens located along the coastal area wherein fishing was the residents’ primary livelihood. The natives lived peacefully as they had enough foods from marine products. However, an epidemic called Cholera infseted among them. Unfortunately, many of them, young and old died.

Consequently, cholera spread the area, it reached to a very religious family. The father vehemently prayed for the survival of his wife who at that time was pregnant. While in the morning, a day after his ceremonial prayer, he was amazed when he discovered that his wife was already cured. The residents then believed that the epidemic had ceased by the power of prayer. In order to express their gratitude, they decided to have a patron saint. And, they have chosen Señor San Roque, the Patron Saint of those suffering from diseases. Similarly, in order not to remember their place as cholera infested, they decided to change “Punong” and adopted the name Montpiller, the hometown and the birthplace of Señor San Roque.

There was even an agreement that those who forgot to remember the new name of their place as Montpiller instead of Punong, one must pay one centavo as punishment and the proceeds were used as fund for their road construction.