Amidst the aquatic scenery in Western Visayas standing firm, full of vigor and radiance is the Island Province of Guimaras where farms of one of the U.S. Certified sweetest mangoes in the world can be found. At the heart of the province, there is an enchanting beauty of nature awaiting you. Buena! Vista! Uttered by the first Spanish Governor who set foot in the Island. Thus, the place named Buenavista, which means “Good View” or “beautiful” as it is rich in natural resources, beauty spots and historical spots such as beaches, mango plantations, rice farms, coconut farms, limes, lime stones, caves and mountain resorts, Enchanted Rock, McArthur’s Headquarters, McArthur’s Wharf and Camp Jossman.

Buenavista is one of the five towns comprising the Province of Guimaras.

Presently, the Municipal Government of Buenavista is administered by Mayor Eugenio Gallo Reyes, the Municipal Chief Executive. He is married to a religious, a lovely with enchanting beauty as what Buenavista is, and a, Registered Nurse named Mary Wilzen Caragos Reyes, who is presently the Head Nurse of Buenavista Emergency Hospital. They are blest with three brilliant children namely: Eugene Fred, Ma. Cena Victoria and Eugenie Marie.

Mayor Eugenio Gallo Reyes gained his elementary education at Zaldivar Elementary School in Barangay Zaldivar; his secondary education at Good Shepherd’s Fold Academy in Barangay Salvacion of this municipality. He earned and finished his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Central Philippine University and proceeded his Bachelor of Laws at University of Iloilo, in Iloilo City.

Mayor Reyes rendered his first public service by giving news and information when he was employed as radio broadcaster of DYFM Bombo Radyo Iloilo, in 1995-1999. His frame of public service has extended; thus, he served as Information Officer III of the Province of Guimaras under the administration of former Governor JC Rahman A. Nava, M.D. in 1999-2004. Then in year 2005 he was appointed as Board of Director of the Buenavista Water District until year 2012. In year 2013, his political supremacy in the Municipality of Buenavista started when he was elected as Municipal Mayor of Buenavista until the present.

Under the administration of Mayor Reyes, the Municipality is continuously having its journey towards socio-economic development with education as a tool guided by its vision and mission.