Map of Guimaras
Map of Guimaras


Income Classification:  2nd Class Municipality

Land Area:  12,826 hectares

Total Population (August 1, 2015) PSA: 50,180

Language: Hiligaynon

Total No. of Barangay:   36 (7 Rural , 29 Urban)



The Municipality of Buenavista is 15-20 minutes motorboat ride from Iloilo City during fair weather.

It is located at the north and western tip of Guimaras Island. The northern and western part of the island overlooks Panay Island and the northeastern portion faces Negros Island.

It is approximately two (2) miles away from Iloilo City and four (4) miles from Negros. It is cut by Iloilo strait from Panay Island and by the Guimaras Strait from Negros Island.

Motorboats are servicing travelers from 6AM to 10PM daily.



Generally sloping to rolling with land elevation ranging from 0-300m above sea level.



Two pronounced weather:

Wet Season-May to October

Dry Season-November to April