A beautiful Buenavista, a center for excellent higher education in the Province of Guimaras, with a resilient and God-fearing citizenry living in an ecologically balanced community supported by modern and efficient infrastructure, propelled by a competitive economy and guided by transparent leadership.


  1. To unite Buenavistahanons in town-building through active social, economic, and political participation;
  2. To provide the necessary support to educational and learning institutions;
  3. To develop a system capable of adapting to modern travel standards;
  4. To encourage economic activity by creating a friendly business environment for investors and entrepreneurs and at the same time develop a highly-skilled, competitive, and secured labor force, and;
  5. To continuously improve the system of administration.


Pursuant to R.A. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, more specifically Section 17, provides that local government units shall endeavor to be self-reliant and shall likewise continue exercising powers and discharging the duties and functions vested upon them.

Consistent with the intent of these provisions, the Municipal Development Council came up with and set the following goals and objectives:


  1. Improve the organization, its personnel, and fiscal management, in order to deliver efficient and effective services to the people of Buenavista;
  2. Develop and enhance the production of Municipal resources to support self-sustaining growth, and establish economic competitiveness;
  3. Facilitate implementation of barangay-based development projects with Municipal significance;
  4. Provide support projects and programs for cultural revival and development, and
  5. Establish a system of priorities in the exercise of development projects, programs, and activities.


  1. Formulate policies, and ordinances for adoption and implementation by the Local Chief Executive;
  2. Enact annual and supplemental budgets as a tool of management in the operation of the municipality.




  1. Increase income by improving the productivity of farmers and fisher folks;
  2. Enhance the development of agro-industrial programs and projects;
  3. Improve the economic condition of the municipality by Updating of Local Revenue Code and intensive collection of fees/taxes and accelerating its commercial/industrial activities;
  4. Implement Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects;
  5. Facilitate and promote the Eco/Agri-Tourism industry;
  6. Uplift living conditions of every individual including the Indigenous People (IPs) ;
  7. Develop competitive human resources and
  8. Support Small & Medium enterprises.


  1. Ensure people’s health conditions and improve quality education;
  2. Improve access to health, education, and social facilities;
  3. Improve living conditions of needy families, distressed and disadvantaged individuals, elderly, children & youth;
  4. Maintain peace and order condition;
  5. Promote culture and traditions;
  6. Enhance physical and mental well-being thru wholesome sports, social and recreational activities and
  7. Conduct Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment.


  1. Improve electrification and water utilities;
  2. Improve communication, transportation route utilities/facilities, and services;
  3. Improve agricultural-infrastructure facilities;
  4. Improve both vertical and horizontal structure utilities/facilities and
  5. Develop the support infrastructure to activate the local potential.


  1. Sustain the Ecological Solid Waste Management, reforestation, and integrated coastal management;
  2. Construction of Sanitary Landfill;
  3. Construction of Waste Water Treatment Facility;
  4. Control air and water pollution thru ordinances;
  5. Preserve watershed & wetlands and
  6. Implement Water Code both in Coastal and River.



Service Excellence, Transparency, and Accountability by observing and upholding the ethical standards in government service with respect to human rights and the environment.