Amidst the aquatic scenery of Western Visayas standing firm, full of vigor and radiance is the Island Province of Guimaras where farms of one of the U.S. Certified sweetest mangoes in the world can be found. At the heart of the province, there is an enchanting beauty of nature awaiting you. Buena! Vista! Exclaimed by the first Spanish Governor who came in the island. Thus, the place named Buenavista, which means “Good View” or “ Beautiful” as  it is rich in natural resources, beauty spots and historical spots such as beaches, mango plantation, rice farms, limes, limestones, caves and mountain resorts, Enchanted Rock, McArthur’s Headquarters, McArthur’s Wharf and Camp Jossman.

The beautiful Town of Buenavista or “Good View” town is one of the five municipalities that comprise the Island Province of Guimaras. It is the oldest among the municipalities, hence, it is called the “mother town”. Formerly, it was named as “Tabuk” (across), “Hiamal-us” (revenge) or “Tilad”.

The history of the town started as early as 1581 when a small settlement governed by Spaniards led by Gonzalo de Peñalosa was constructed atop the hilly area of Barangay Old Poblacion overlooking the Guimaras Strait. Peñalosa was amazed by the fine forest timber, limestones deposits that abound the place with excellent hunting and fishing grounds. Obviously, this Town is rich in natural resources and beauty spots.