Vacant Positions

No. Position Title Plantilla Item No. Salary/  Job/ Pay Grade Annual Salary Qualification Standards Place of Assignment Education Training Experience Eligibility Competency (if applicable) 1 Agricultural Technologist 5 10 190,920.00 Bachelor’s  Degree relevant to the job None Required None Required Career Service (Professional) Second Level Eligibility Must Possess the Five (5) Core Competencies: Office Technology Communication Customer continue reading : Vacant Positions


The Municipal Civil Registrar’s Office is now accepting request for Issuance of Security Paper (SECPA) from Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) through Batch Request Query System (BREQS) of various civil registry documents such as: Fee (PSA) Certificate of Live Birth Php 155.00 Certificate of Marriage Php 155.00 Certificate of Death Php 155.00 Certificate of No Marriage continue reading : Announcement