The Local Government Unit of Buenavista through the Municipal Council for the Protection of Children (MCPC) Child-friendly Program envisions, “By the Year 2015, children are well nourished, well-educated, protected, participative and globally competitive enjoying the quality basic services; and, its Mission is, “To be responsive to the needs of children and their families.” This program help sustain the Child-Friendly initiatives of the CPC-VI joint by the National Government of the Philippines and the UNICEF; likewise, its goal of sustaining Buenavista as Child-Friendly Municipality.

To sustain the program and ensure that quality services were being rendered to the children of the Municipality of Buenavista, the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) was organized. Its task is to conduct a yearly monitoring and evaluation; and, organize the Search for the Child-Friendly Barangays. This is designed to improve the services delivered to the children, initiate innovations which may help in the success of the program, to secure the children’s welfare for their future by encouraging each child to give importance on their welfare, recognize their individual role in the society and encourage them to become a better individual and lead them closer to their dreams.

This program was realized in collaboration with the DepEd, NGO’s and the Municipal Government of Buenavista.