The Municipal Council for the Protection of Children (MCPC) in the Municipality of Buenavista is an organization that takes the lead in implementing children’s programs to ensure the delivery of quality services for, by and with the Children’s Welfare. It advocates to coordinate and make interventions if necessary, to further the development of children.

Established in 2008, its vision is “by 2025, Children are well nourished, well-educated, protected, participative and globally competitive, enjoying the quality basic services” while its mission is “to be responsive to the needs of the children and their families.” To ensure that this vision and mission will be fulfilled, the Local Government Unit provides programs, projects and activities to fulfill the core rights of the children-survival, development, protection and participation.

MCPC focused more in the implementation of quality services, wherein such programs, projects and activities conducted for, by and with the children in order to sustain their welfare towards nation building.

After 15 years, more robust governance in strengthening linkages and child-friendly practices have emerged, and a better functionality was developed and is still growing better and better. This is evident through the child-friendly advocates and interventions advanced by the different government offices together with the non-government organizations, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other partners and stakeholders.

To cite, the functionality of the Buenavista MCPC was the highest among the five municipalities in the Province of Guimaras and maintained the ideal functionality with a rating of 107% as of 2016.

Truly, Buenavista MCPC came a long way to further the welfare of children as a tool in nation building. This has been made possible only because of well-coordinated linkage among the different government and non-government sectors which came together to ensure that best child-friendly practices will be done. Thus, Buenavista MCPC’s collective effort was directed towards the achievement of the Presidential Award in the 2015 Search for Child-Friendly Municipalities/Cities 1st-3rd Class Category.