With a blast warning of El Niño phenomenon to hit the country, the Municipal Social Welfare and Development (MSWD) Office of Buenavista find it necessary to provide support and assistance through distribution of relief assistance to El Niño Phenomenon affected beneficiaries specifically to the Farmers, Laborers and Fisherfolks from 36 composing barangays identified by the Municipal Agriculture Office.

It was a three-day distribution (August 22-24, 2016) with a total of 2402 identified beneficiaries (farmers,Laborers and Fisherfolks) were given assistance. Two (2) family food packs was received by each beneficiaries and a total of 4,804 family food packs was distributed. Each food pack contains 6 kilograms of rice and 10 assorted canned goods amounting to three hundred sixty pesos (Php 360.00) per food pack.

This relief assistance is the hunger mitigation of the DWSD and in coordination with the Local Government Unit of Buenavista which is designed to provide immediate food augmentation to El Niño Phenomenon affected farmers, laborers and fisherfolks while they were finding ways to have an alternative source of income to combat crisis.
This was also an aid to recover from the devastation brought about by El Niño phenomenon as mandated to the DSWD as a social welfare and development arm of the Philippine Government to provide assistance to Local Government Units (LGU’s), Non-Government (NGO’s), and other members of the society who are partners in implementing programs, projects and services that will alleviate poverty and empower those disadvantaged individuals, families and communities.